is an architecture design studio based in Thrissur, Kerala.Our projects include Residences and Retail spaces that echoes love for Nature by introducing Landscape Architecture as part of our design development.We also deal with Interior Design Projects throughout Kerala by keeping in mind our prime motto of keeping things simple.Our strength lies in innovative conceptual thinking backed by experience, skills and technical proficiency to efficiently translate ideas into reality.

Our motto has been to try and keep all that we do minimum and simple by exploring newer perspectives of Design. We believe in approaching every project from a common man’s point of view. We also try and create an invisible relation between the client and project for which client’s perspective becomes our vision and guiding way .We as a team is inspired by our everyday surroundings and aim for simplicity through complex thoughts’

At Tropical Trace

‘We constantly learn to draw grids’ connecting a certain style of living with people around, which synthesizes indoor/outdoor dynamism at the heart of Tropical experience.

We are still connecting people with their ideal Architecture Spaces