Location- Kanjirappally


Category- Residence



Structural consultant-

A residence set amidst the distinctive region of densely forested rubber plantations along with the regional landscape in Kanjirapally, Kottayam district. The design aims to develop and conceptualize a home where the exterior landscape peep into the interior spaces without compromising the privacy and security of the users. The residence had to serve dual purpose of office and home. This lead to the design of two separate blocks which is connected by courtyard that extents throughout the building in length. The design was evolved in such a way that the users could feel the elements of Nature ‘Rain ‘ being the most important for Tropical Climate. Delightful use of courtyard that separates the public block and private block of the residence invites rain and landscape into the building. The court also serves a private barrier between the blocks unknowingly. The space being heart of the home heightens the sense of grandeur by evoking the reflection of ‘Naalukettu' of Ancient Times. The reductionist palette has produced a simplicity in form which stands out as a tectonic block with strong sense of horizontality. The wide overhanging eaves contribute to the pronounced horizontality that creates a close relationship to the ground. Whereas the horizontality is counter balanced with the long vertical grills that reminds of the olden times. While coming to the interior spaces like Informal Living, Dining and Kitchen spaces, they are being arranged in an open plan concept. The internal corridor that connects the bedrooms provide sufficient demarcation between the common and private spaces of the building. Without mimicking the traditional Kerala form the residence aims in using an abstract vocabulary to evoke the nuance and sense of inevitability by incorporating the needs of user.




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