Location- Irinjalakuda


Category- Play School

Photography- Midhul k @k_midhul


Structural consultant-

Located in the heart of a busy street the Playschool serves as a refreshing antidote to its crowded locality Designed for a lively and immersive experience, this multilevel playschool/ Library is built as a design vision centeredon transforming an abandoned building into a functional and versatile creschefor children. The aim of the design is in creating a spacious haven with ample natural light,a melody of interior and exterior spaces. Created in a simple style that belies it’s complexity, the entrance is emphasized and highlighted with an inclined fabricated stairway blended with the exterior landscape underneath. Changing the perception that playschools are formal space synonymous with a detached and solitary experience, these interior spaces are open directly into the green outdoor courts presenting a view that instantly refreshes and rejuvenates children. The interior court is made private for children by providing a Jhali wall. The wall enhances fresh air into the kids' area and have also considered it as a facade treatment for the entire building. The interior spaces are enveloped in a monochromatic saturation of Chrome Yellow, offset by accents of Crisp Red along with Olive Green. The internal corridor to the different classrooms are highlighted with Crimson Red Foldable Fabric partitions. These partitions add colour to the spaces keeping in mind it’s main function of providing the privacy for classrooms. When opened , the classrooms along with the internal corridor with the courtyard can be used as an extended gathering area. Looking through different horizontal openings of the louvers, the library goers can observe the ever changing expressions of the sky and regional landscape throughout the day. The playschool serves as gathering space exuding modernity, which allows you to enjoy the verdant view whilst enjoying with children in a vibrant environment.




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